Goodbye Tribes Ascend


Well I'm done. Tonight was pretty frustrating. I joined a 3:0 (score) game where the teams were 5 vs 2 (I got a screenshot if you don't believe me). Cherry on the cake... one team generator was destroyed. Guess which one.

Then my buddy Ironheater invited me to join a 7 vs 7 scrim. It was good to see so "familiar faces" Blackdragon, Crofe... Thank you guys.

But there were some issues:

  • it was my first "serious" game in Tribes Ascend. I'm no competitive material.
  • I don't countdown on my routes.
  • a 7 vs 7 game where the purpose is to notify your team when to kill the enemy sentinel is not my definition of the Tribal fun. Think: Massive 32 vs 32 clusterfuck on Broadside.
  • any change of setting in Mumble made the Tribes Ascend client crash.

Thankfully a much better player joined the game to replace me. And I ended up with the general population on the London CTF queue. For the simple reason that the only players on my friends list were all on custom servers.

What do I leave... a 42 level account with 1.5M XP and 3000+ gold... and I almost forgot a custom server that will remain online for the next 50+ days.


What I'm proud of:

  • I never unlocked/used OP weapons (no raider when there were 12 classes, no jackal, no falcon, no phase rifle+rage perk).
  • I never used the vehicles... especially the magic killing poison infused wings of the Shrike. I'm proud of my 0/5 Not earned road rage.
  • I never used the SMGs unless I had no choice (pathfinder LAR because the hitscan shotgun is even farther from my definition of Tribes). I would have used a disc launcher + shocklance if I could. Graceful weapons FTW.
  • I always tried to keep the games balanced. Either by switching sides when the map changed or during a game when it was possible.
  • I only used the sentinel extensively when leveling up the old 12 class system.
  • I tried to setup a custom server that would match my vision of Tribes: An old Tribes vibe.

What I won't miss:

  • the sentinels that are able to peg you from across tiny fogless maps while being in the air chasing you.
  • the phase rifle + rage perk combo on a competitive sentinel enjoying raping pub games for training.
  • the sniper fest maps (Crossfire and Sunstar should be removed from the rotation).
  • the SMG fest (worst offenders the Raider NJ5 and the Sentinel Falcon).
  • the unplayable game when the ping goes beyond 100ms.
  • the morons that stack over and over... then never balance the teams even when the player count goes over 2.
  • the hard wired out of boundary grid.
  • the small maps.
  • the lack of team orientation of the game. During all these hours in Ascend... my role was mainly what is usually referred as Cowboy capper.
  • the crappy physics.
  • the dead stops that returned with last patch.
  • the powerless jetpack. Try Tribes 2... and you'll say HOLY SHIIIIIT.
  • the useless custom servers because they are buried in the menus.
  • the bug ridden custom server settings (1 shrike per team = 1 shrike per server).
  • the third person view vehicles.
  • the lack of shielding on base assets.
  • the lack of targeting laser.

I'll miss:

  • cappers like Dracoola (Poland) that like me switch teams when unbalance is detected.
  • defenders like Puru (France) recently gone from the game. Even if he abused of the shrike.
  • HOFs like Azmat (Belgium) and HotaruDN (France). Either when I left a dent on their super heavy armor or when they defended our flag.
  • HO like Blackdragon (Croatia IIRC) or Pumpelche (Switzerland)... even with their wimpy short ranged mortars would clear the enemy flag stand.

I gave Hi-Rez $25 back in october 2011. I had fun for more than $25. So I don't regret the 276 hours counted since the stats started in january 2012.

Tribes Ascend release date 2012.04.12

On april 12th 2012, Hi-Rez Studio will release the 4th installment in the Tribes Franchise: Tribes Ascend. It will be a free to play game. The Hi-Rez dev team has to shoe horn the hi-speed Tribes game physics and dynamics into the Unreal Engine 3.

The community of beta testers is 400k strong. The game changed a lot since the beginning of the closed beta. For instance, weapons went from the hitscan mode found in most game to the more graceful ballistic mode found in previous Tribes games. It's an art to anticipate the enemy trajectory to land the perfect mortar shell drop.

Hi-Rez released a parody trailer called Llama Island inspired by the Death Island trailer. It depicts the last seconds of a llama grabber in a capture the flag game. A llama grabber is someone that grabs the enemy flag at low speed (walking speed here). For the record, decent flag carriers usually grab at 200+ kph.

Don't doubt that Tribes Ascend is the world's fastest shooter. ;)

Tribes Ascend - Diamond Sword trailer

Hmmm warm feeling... Tribes returns

Over 10 years ago a game was released that redefined multiplayer shooters ans is still remembered today

What multiplayer gaming is all about

Years ahead of its time

A level of tactical depth rare in shooters

A uniquely vertical aspect that to this day has not been matched

The reasons why I won't buy Tribes 3


The HUGE step down from Tribes 2 makes me think Tribes 3 is the pilot/proof of concept of the Tribes franchise or Tribes Zero.

  • The game is now more a multiplayer game than a team oriented one. Basically the game is only UT4E with jetpack. (or Quake 3 Team Arena with grappling hook).
  • The netcode doesn't allow player with ping over 150ms to have fun. When in both Tribes 1/2 you could play turret farmer/base repairer/support with pings in the 700ms.
  • Limited amount of players allowed on a server. Come on it's 2004!!! My best Tribes 1 experience was on an american Renegade server 32 vs 32. (4 times the count of players on Tribes 3 demo).
  • Changes in the voice shortcuts that goes beyond logic and legacy. VGX :))
  • Limited interest of vehicle for transportation of heavies/fatties.
  • Limited amount of turrets/mines. 4 mines for 8 players team... that's quite a lot. 4 nuclear mines for 8 players would be OK.
  • Deployable distribution inside the base instead of inventory stations. In both Tribes 1 and 2 even if your base was raped and camped by fatties you could still do defense efficiently. In Tribes 3 all you can do is BEND OVER.
  • Limited amount of carriable weapons, a fatty that can only carry a chaingun, disc launcher and mortar is kinda cheap. OK they are on steroids and don't need any sort of transportation to go across those tiny map.
  • Limited interest of new weapons, the only positive points goes to the grappling hook.
  • Removal of major weapons (shocklance, plasma,...) is not balanced by the new ones.
  • Removal of major items such as targeting laser, health kit, beacons,... I want my sensor jammer pack and deplyables BACK. :\
  • Limited vehicles and vehicle spawn method. If you could think of a dumbest way to spawn the vehicles feel free to send your proposal to Irrational Games they might include it in Tribes 4.
  • Smallest/dumbest maps and buildings EVER encountered in the Tribes franchise. OK Scarabrae & Recalescence are FAR beyond CS and UT players brain capabilities.
  • Removal of the Command Circuit map.
  • No OpenGL mode.
  • Removal of client side scripts.
  • Only 10 tiny maps. The final game looks like DEMO 2.
  • The solo game is a joke. Scriptable behaviour != AI. Doom 3 is funnier to play.
  • Cube limits around the map.
  • Best community ever found in a game. The steep learning curve help to skim out the morons.

Is the game fun? NOT in CTF... High speed skiing, grabs flag, use energy pack, captures the flag. Rabbit can be entertaining but it's just a good MOD of UT2k4.