Goodbye Tribes Ascend


Well I'm done. Tonight was pretty frustrating. I joined a 3:0 (score) game where the teams were 5 vs 2 (I got a screenshot if you don't believe me). Cherry on the cake... one team generator was destroyed. Guess which one.

Then my buddy Ironheater invited me to join a 7 vs 7 scrim. It was good to see so "familiar faces" Blackdragon, Crofe... Thank you guys.

But there were some issues:

  • it was my first "serious" game in Tribes Ascend. I'm no competitive material.
  • I don't countdown on my routes.
  • a 7 vs 7 game where the purpose is to notify your team when to kill the enemy sentinel is not my definition of the Tribal fun. Think: Massive 32 vs 32 clusterfuck on Broadside.
  • any change of setting in Mumble made the Tribes Ascend client crash.

Thankfully a much better player joined the game to replace me. And I ended up with the general population on the London CTF queue. For the simple reason that the only players on my friends list were all on custom servers.

What do I leave... a 42 level account with 1.5M XP and 3000+ gold... and I almost forgot a custom server that will remain online for the next 50+ days.


What I'm proud of:

  • I never unlocked/used OP weapons (no raider when there were 12 classes, no jackal, no falcon, no phase rifle+rage perk).
  • I never used the vehicles... especially the magic killing poison infused wings of the Shrike. I'm proud of my 0/5 Not earned road rage.
  • I never used the SMGs unless I had no choice (pathfinder LAR because the hitscan shotgun is even farther from my definition of Tribes). I would have used a disc launcher + shocklance if I could. Graceful weapons FTW.
  • I always tried to keep the games balanced. Either by switching sides when the map changed or during a game when it was possible.
  • I only used the sentinel extensively when leveling up the old 12 class system.
  • I tried to setup a custom server that would match my vision of Tribes: An old Tribes vibe.

What I won't miss:

  • the sentinels that are able to peg you from across tiny fogless maps while being in the air chasing you.
  • the phase rifle + rage perk combo on a competitive sentinel enjoying raping pub games for training.
  • the sniper fest maps (Crossfire and Sunstar should be removed from the rotation).
  • the SMG fest (worst offenders the Raider NJ5 and the Sentinel Falcon).
  • the unplayable game when the ping goes beyond 100ms.
  • the morons that stack over and over... then never balance the teams even when the player count goes over 2.
  • the hard wired out of boundary grid.
  • the small maps.
  • the lack of team orientation of the game. During all these hours in Ascend... my role was mainly what is usually referred as Cowboy capper.
  • the crappy physics.
  • the dead stops that returned with last patch.
  • the powerless jetpack. Try Tribes 2... and you'll say HOLY SHIIIIIT.
  • the useless custom servers because they are buried in the menus.
  • the bug ridden custom server settings (1 shrike per team = 1 shrike per server).
  • the third person view vehicles.
  • the lack of shielding on base assets.
  • the lack of targeting laser.

I'll miss:

  • cappers like Dracoola (Poland) that like me switch teams when unbalance is detected.
  • defenders like Puru (France) recently gone from the game. Even if he abused of the shrike.
  • HOFs like Azmat (Belgium) and HotaruDN (France). Either when I left a dent on their super heavy armor or when they defended our flag.
  • HO like Blackdragon (Croatia IIRC) or Pumpelche (Switzerland)... even with their wimpy short ranged mortars would clear the enemy flag stand.

I gave Hi-Rez $25 back in october 2011. I had fun for more than $25. So I don't regret the 276 hours counted since the stats started in january 2012.