Tribes Ascend release date 2012.04.12

On april 12th 2012, Hi-Rez Studio will release the 4th installment in the Tribes Franchise: Tribes Ascend. It will be a free to play game. The Hi-Rez dev team has to shoe horn the hi-speed Tribes game physics and dynamics into the Unreal Engine 3.

The community of beta testers is 400k strong. The game changed a lot since the beginning of the closed beta. For instance, weapons went from the hitscan mode found in most game to the more graceful ballistic mode found in previous Tribes games. It's an art to anticipate the enemy trajectory to land the perfect mortar shell drop.

Hi-Rez released a parody trailer called Llama Island inspired by the Death Island trailer. It depicts the last seconds of a llama grabber in a capture the flag game. A llama grabber is someone that grabs the enemy flag at low speed (walking speed here). For the record, decent flag carriers usually grab at 200+ kph.

Don't doubt that Tribes Ascend is the world's fastest shooter. ;)

Tribes Ascend - Diamond Sword trailer

Hmmm warm feeling... Tribes returns

Over 10 years ago a game was released that redefined multiplayer shooters ans is still remembered today

What multiplayer gaming is all about

Years ahead of its time

A level of tactical depth rare in shooters

A uniquely vertical aspect that to this day has not been matched